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Droopy plants are a thing of the past with this handmade plant support. This looks stunning with a Maranta or a Calathea


Simply pull the leaf open, place around your plant, push the legs into your pot, close the leaf back and adjust your stems to suit. To see this in action, head to my Instagram “how to guide” highlight.


Approx measurements: 28cm (height) x 15cm (width)

Available in 3 colours.

Please note these are intended for small to medium plants. If you have a slightly larger plant you could place 2 or 3 around it or for much larger plants you may find Cotton Lily's Boho Plant Supports and Plant Ties are a better fit.


Entirely handmade using aluminium wire, onboard narrowboat Lily Gurl, making each one unique.


If you are purchasing several different items to go with this support, then this support will arrive flat-packed with instructions on how to bend the neck into shape. This will reduce postage costs to you. If you are only purchasing these supports, then the finished article will arrive on your doorstep.


Pots and plants not included.

Wire plant support

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