Where did it all begin?

For the past couple of years I've tried to lead a more sustainable eco friendly life. Mainly concentrating on living "the good life" in my little Bedfordshire market town based cottage that I own with my many many fur babies (my nickname happens to be Dr Dolittle in this household). I heavily got into my gardening, growing my own veg, composting and encouraging as many forms of wildlife into my garden as possible.

In July of 2018 I discovered "Plastic free July" and instantly wanted to take on the challenge of reducing my usage of single use plastic. It was surprising to me how easy it was and I was amazed at how much my household waste reduced. Despite this there were area's of my life that I just couldn't avoid plastic

Having Graduated with a First Class honours degree in Textiles and Surface design in 2006 I decided to put my skills to use by making myself some cotton reusable face pads and cotton produce bags for my trips to the supermarket. I was particularly impressed with the face pads, if I do say so myself. All these years I had either used face wipes or throw away cotton pads covered in plastic that can't be recycled but also used to take forever to get my eye makeup off. Now, with my pads it just wiped off instantly with some coconut oil.


I decided to give some away as birthday gifts to girlfriends and the feedback was amazing. A great product that helps the environment. This lead to the launch of Cotton Lily.

How Cotton Lily began.JPG