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5 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Mother's day.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

We all want to make our Mothers feel special on Mother's day but it can often lead to plastic-wrapped novelties. Here are my 5 top tips for celebrating Mother's day the sustainable way.

1. Rather than wrapping with conventional wrapping paper that can't be recycled, why not get creative with some brown paper, newspaper or even fabric. Make the wrap part of the gift.

2. Treat your Mother to her favourite home-cooked meal, shopping local for your produce. To avoid plastic, remember to take your own containers or reusable bags with you.

3. Why not make your own card or gift. It means so much more knowing something has been made just for you.

4. If you’re not the creative type, supporting a small independent business in your gift-giving is the way to go. If your mother is a plant lover why not treat her to one of these handmade macrame plant hangers. All made from the comfort of my off-grid narrowboat, using a recycled cotton cord that's manufactured in the UK and upcycled copper pipe. Now, there's a story to tell behind your gift.

5. Or for the gift she’ll always remember. The gift of an experience that you can do together. A day out, a spa day or perhaps learn a new skill together in a craft workshop. If you’re local to the Trowbridge area, I’d love to welcome you to one of my macrame workshops. Here's some that would be perfect.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift, head over to the shop for some great handmade, plastic-free gifts.


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