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Can’t bare seeing how many disposable wipes you’re throwing in the bin each day, knowing they won’t break down in landfill? No worries, with these reusable face cloths you’ll be doing the environment and your purse a favour. Handmade using a double layer of GOTS certified cotton flannel and terry towelling, these reusable cloths bring a piece of eco-friendly luxury to your skincare routine. They come with a handy cotton tape loop to hang your cloth from after use to allow it to dry and the two layers are carefully sewn together to prevent fabric rolling and separation. Of course, these don’t have to be just for your face, they’re so soft they’re perfect for cleansing all over and even for delicate babies' bums.


Each cloth measure approximately 19cm x 19cm. Shrinkage may occur during the first wash.

Reusable Cloths/Wipes

  • Washing instructions: Simply place in the wash with the rest of your washing machine load. For stubborn stains dampen cloth and gently rub with hand soap before washing. For natural bleaching, hang out to dry in sunlight.

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