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Always looking for string or wire to tie your plant, knowing it will be awkward and likely cut into your plant? Try these unique Cotton Lily plant ties instead.


Place the loop around the stem and pole and over the cork monstera leaf. Pull tight to tension and let the leaf hang down. Available in two sizes to suit different plant and pole sizes. These make plant care so much simpler and look good in the process.


Carefully handmade using British recycled cotton cord and sustainable cork fabric and designed to accompany the Cotton Lily boho plant support but will fit a standard shop-bought moss poll too, just slightly more snug.


Approx Dimensions:


Leaf: 5.5cm x 5cm

Cord: length: 17cm


Leaf: 8cm x 7cm

Cord: 27cm length

Entirely handmade onboard Narrowboat Lily Gurl.

Cotton Lily Plant Ties

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