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Why Cotton Lily is worth the investment

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

“Is the tea cup included?” I heard her ask.

Today I’m going to tell you a true story. Whilst at a maker's market, I had a fellow stallholder approach me. I love your products and would like to buy a “Time for Tea” reusable teabag set but I don’t have the money. Would you like to do an exchange of products instead?”. I said yes, what a great idea to support another maker. The lady came back a short while later holding 2 small handmade candles that she had chosen to give me. Lovely, I thought, feeling all warm inside. That warm feeling soon drifted away as the lady continued to speak and took me by surprise. “I’ve brought these two candles for you to have in exchange for one of your teabag sets. The only thing is, my candles are £3 each and your teabag set is £8.99 but I do not think it is worth that much so would you be happy to take what I think it is worth instead?”

It’s not uncommon to experience negative comments or facial expressions as a designer-maker as people look at my prices. They wouldn’t be wrong in thinking they could get similar from Amazon or B&M for a fraction of the price. So, why is Cotton Lily worth the investment?

🌿All Cotton Lily fabrics are from sustainable sources. To ensure I’m bringing you the best of the best organic fibres, I spend a lot of time doing my research before purchasing the fabric so your mind is at rest when you choose to buy from me.

🌿I design, make and personally test prototypes before I settle on the best product I can make for you.

🌿Everything is handmade, entirely from scratch, by none other than…me.

🌿I write and print the care instruction labels that come with each and every Cotton Lily product to enable you to enjoy your plastic-free products for as long as possible.

🌿Time is spent carefully packaging each product ready to be shown at markets or sent to you in the post.

🌿Having years of experience and a first-class honours textiles degree behind me, I am a very skilled person within my trade and I aim to bring you nothing but the highest quality product I can make.

These, my friends, are why I charge what I charge and you won't find the same reassurance from a mass-produced alternative on the high street.

Come and shop, eco-anxiety-free, with me here

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